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Oui Avant-Garde A Chance by Skyclad

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								Hello, bombjour!
Good morning (good morning).

The obvious drawback in building a bomb,
Is the needing somewhere (or someone) to test it on.

What happened to European Community?
Consciences with diplomatic immunity.
Find a new toy that's more safe than the atom -
The face of a clown with Napoleon's hat on.

Did you really mean it ? - you've got to be joking,
Too late to say sorry (the gun barrel's smoking).

Our hope for the future is clear understanding,
But you're still afraid that the Martians are landing.
The 'Reds' neath our beds appear far more attractive
Than waking up dead in the radioactive debris.

Frere Jacques Chirac dormez-vous?

You said it's quite harmless - well I beg your pardon,
Why didn't you try it in your own back garden?

Whatever became of would peace and goodwill?
Don't sharpen the blade if you don't mean to kill.
Your knowledge has limits (your folly's unending),
Are you insane - or just good at pretending to be?





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