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Champagne Si, Agua No

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Don‘t Stop The Carnival by Buffett, Jimmy

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Champagne Si, Agua No
								Folks, gull reef regrets the water shortage.Wild night out there!Water in the sea, water from the sky, no water in the club,But while the pump gets repaired, letВ’s live!If the water canВ’t flow, the wine can!Champagne party in the lobby!Champagne siВ’, agua noLet it rain, let it blowTo hell with the h2oChampagne siВ’, agua noThe gull reef clubВ’s not too ship shapeTime for a party time for a breakTonight all our troubles will soon disappearCause champagne is cheaper than water down hereChampagne siВ’, agua noChampagne siВ’, agua noA toast to the french who gave us these bubblesA toast to your host who stands in this rubbleRunning this hotel is no piece of cakeSo cut me some slack people give me a breakChampagne siВ’, agua noChampagne siВ’,agua noA toast to columbus, arawaks and caribsTo pirates and patriots, rascals and thieves,The limbo, the cha cha and what we love mostA free champagne party put on by our hostChampagne siВ’, agua noChampagne siВ’, agua no





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