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A Magical Gathering The Clannad Anthology Cd1 by Clannad

Preview: 30 sec only Quality: 192 kbps Size: 6.15 Mb Length: 4:26

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								(chorus after each verse:)
DГѓВєlamГѓВЎn na Binne BuГѓВ­, DГѓВєlamГѓВЎn Gaelach
DГѓВєlamГѓВЎn na Binne BuГѓВ­, DГѓВєlamГѓВЎn Gaelach
A'nГѓВ­on mhГѓВ­n ГѓВі, sin anall na fir shГѓВєirГѓВ­,
A mhГѓВЎthair mhГѓВ­n ГѓВі! cuir mo roithleГѓВЎn go dtГѓВ­ mГѓВ©.

TГѓВЎ cosa dubha dГѓВєbailte ar an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn gaelach
TГѓВЎ dhГѓВЎ chluais mhaol ar an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn gaelach

Rachaimid 'un an IГѓВєir leis an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn gaelach,
Is ceannГѓВіimid brГѓВіga daora ar an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn gaelach

BrГѓВіga breaca dubha ar an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn gaelach
TГѓВЎ bearГѓВ©ad agus triГѓВєs ar an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn gaelach

ГѓВ“ chuir mГѓВ© scГѓВ©ala chuici, go gceannГѓВіinn cГѓВ­or di,
Is ГѓВ© an scГѓВ©ala a chuir sГѓВ­ chugam, go raibh a ceann cГѓВ­ortha.

"CaidГѓВ© thug tГѓВє 'na tГѓВ­re?" arsa an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn gaelach
"Ag suirГѓВ­ le do 'nГѓВ­on" arsa an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn maorach

"Chan fhaigheann tГѓВє mo 'nГѓВ­on?" arsa an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn gaelach,
"Bheul, fuadГѓВіidh mГѓВ© liom ГѓВ­?" arsa an dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn maorach

DГѓВєlamГѓВЎn na binne buГѓВ­, dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn a' tsleibhe
DГѓВєlamГѓВЎn na farraige is dГѓВєlamГѓВЎn a' deididh





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