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Aashid Himons Dom F. Scab and John Lakveet Kees Aerts Patchwork Scott Hughes
Aashid Himons and Giles Reaves Dom F.Scab Ken Martin Patrick Kosmos Shulman and Friends
Aci Dweller At The Threshold Kim Skovbye Paul Haslinger Simon Ellis
Adelbert Von Deyen Eberhard Schoener Kit Watkins Paul Haslinger and Coma Virus Softspace
Airsculpture Ed Starink Klaus Doldinger Paul Lawler Stefan Erbe
Andy Pickford and Paul Nagle Edgar Froese Klaus Netzle and Delle Haensch Paul Nagle Steve Hillman
Arcanum Elektronische Maschine Klaus Schonning Paul Nagle and Far From Stars Stomu Yamashta, Al Di Meola, Klaus Schulze, Steve Winwood
Astral Engineering F.R.E.U.D. Kubusschnitt Paul Ward Symbian
At-Mooss Foreign Spaces Lightwave Paul Ward and John Dyson and Anthony Trasher Syndromeda
Axess and Maxxess Francis Monkman Lightwave and Paul Haslinger Paul Ward and Neil Thompson Synthetic
Bas Broekhuis Frank Klare Logic System Peter Dominik Bender T-Bass Uk
Bassic Frank Klare and Friends Mario Schonwalder Peter Michael Hamel and Wolfgang Hattinger T-Bass Uk (Formerly Tranquility Bass)
Bernd Kistenmacher With Harald Grosskopf (Drums) Frank Lorentzen Mario Schonwalder and Bas Broekhuis Peter Seiler Tangerine Dream
Bernd Kistenmacher Frederic Mirage Mario Schonwalder and Detlef Keller Radio Massacre International Teddy Lasry
Bernd Kistenmacher and Harald Grosskopf Frederick Rousseau Mario Schonwalder and Detlef Keller and Bas Broekhuis Rainbow Serpent Thomas Fanger
Between Interval Free System Projekt Mario Schonwalder and Thomas Fanger Rainbow Serpent and Friends Thomas Fanger and Jan Siebert
Bionight Galaxis Mark Jenkins Rainer Bloss Thomas Gruberski
Blaine L. Reininger and Alain Goutier Geodesium Mark Shreeve Ramp Tim Koch
Brian Hawks Giles Reaves Michael Hoenig Ramp and Cosmic Hoffmann Timm Kawohl
Can Antilla Giles Reaves and Jon Goin Michel Huygen Redshift Todd Fletcher
Chuck Van Zyl Hans Peter Neuber Mike Oldfield Redshift and Ultradyne Tomasz Kubiak
Claude Larson Helmut Teubner Mike Oldfield and David Bedford Remote Spaces Transceive
Complexystems Ian Boddy and Marc Shreeve and Aidan Baker Motionmania Remote Spaces and Daniel Bloom Tranzit
Craig Padilla Ian Boddy and Mark Shreeve Navigator Remote Spaces and Odyssey Under The Dome
Cyborgdrive J. Reuben Silverbird Neuronium Rob Essers Uwe Reckzeh
Cybotron Jim Kirkwood Nova Robert Leiner Wave World
Daniel Bloom Jim Kirkwood and Lucifaer Ole Hojer Hansen Robert Schroeder Wellenfeld
Daniel Bloom and Friends John Lakveet Oliver Ganz Rolf Trostel Wolfram Der Spyra
Dbkaos Johnny Voorbogt Omega Syndicate Ron Boots Zed
Detlef Keller Kabbalah Pascal Languirand Rudy Adrian





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