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Galway Town

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Blood Or Whiskey by Blood or Whiskey

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Galway Town
								First she came on like a breeze 
She came on like the gales of winter
Blew my mind and broke my will
And left me there to die
Then she broke the spell she'd cast
The past was always there behind me
Rolling like the clouds at last
My dreams were in the sky
We went down to Galway town
To see the sights and see the races
All the things she did and said
I kept them in my mind
At the bus stop near the square
Her hair fell down around her face
I swore there was no more in store
I'd nothing left to find
We went down to Galway Town
Just to see what might be happening
We went down to Galway Town
We went down the mountain side
We went down to Galway Town
Just to see what might be happening
On the streets of Galway Town
Best place in the world to hide
We had burgers and some chips
And the rain it came a falling
Took a taxi to Salthill
With bad things in my head
She was wearing lovely clothes
The bouncer came and broke my nose
She said said oh just leave it go
I swore that he was dead
In the morning then
We went to walk along down by the sea shore
Talking about the night before
The music that they played
She said that she wanted home
And never more the world to roam
So that day I went away
And she moved down and stayed
I was in Croke Park
One rainy Sunday near the first of August
Watched the Leinster final
It was Dublin and Kildare
They led us a merry dance
We never even had a chance
At the side I'd say we tried
But swore I didn't care
Some day I'll go back out West
And see the streets we walked together
I don't know now where she is
I don't think that I care
If it gets too bad around here
I'll run like hell from all my problems
If you've got some blues
I'll tell you, you can lose them there





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