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Intentional Heartache

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Blame the Vain by Dwight Yoakam

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Intentional Heartache
								She drove South I-95 straight though Carolina 
She didn’t use no damn map to find her way
She pulled off on the state route just north of Charlotte
And took mostly county roads the rest of the day

She said I’ll give him an intentional heartache
That’ll hurt a lot worse than the one he left in me
Would ya' all step back so a girl might could get started
Then he won’t have to look twice to see

She drove up across the yard and through his momma’s garden
Didn’t touch the brakes, she slammed right into his Chevrolet
Tossed out his clothes, boots, bud cap, and signed Dale Jr. poster
Then shot the whole mess neon green with a can of Dupont spray

(Repeat Chorus)

She said I’ll give you an intentional heartache
That’ll hurt a lot worse than the one that you left in me
And tell your little tramp to step back so your new ex wife can get started
Then you won’t have to look twice to see

Just watch this
Then she sprayed that Bud cap bright green
Said Connie put that can of spray paint down
Just watch this
Then she pulled them Nakona boots out, sprayed them neon too
Put the can down Connie
She give it hell with that can of spray paint
He kept yelling at her just put the can down
So she sprayed him
Then she did a dance on top of that Dale Jr. poster
Just kind of a hoochie coochie
Alright Connie
He said I saw you Connie, now put it down
Just watch this, she run over to the passenger side of that Monte Carlo
And she sprayed tramp
On the hood on the back of the house
We tried to call her sister
What was that girls name
Said you gotta come get this girl
Nancy, I think
She said watch this
Said Lookee here lookee here, watch this
She run that girl back up on the porch
Screamin' at her tramp this
Oh yeah
She give him an intentional heartache
Alright, alright Connie I heard you
His momma was crying in there on the phone
His daddy said
I told you that girl was gonna get like that
She said watch this, here





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