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Just An Old Truth Teller

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Don‘t Stop The Carnival by Buffett, Jimmy

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Just An Old Truth Teller
								Lester atlas, a crude, very rich corporate raider, traps norman in the caribbean dream by offering to buy the hotel for him, and then welshing on the deal when norman can no long back out. he isSpicable but somehow lovable rogue, who in his own mind is a magnanimous, misunderstood benefactor of humanity. what other people call corporate raiding, he explains, telling the truth in busineTters. why jimmy decided to give him a song with a tango rhythm and a klezmer trill I donВ’t know, but it works.IВ’m just an old truth tellerIВ’m your candid friendIВ’m not some daydream sellerI do not pretendIВ’ve a sense of survivalAnd screwing my rivalsThatВ’s labeled me crossed and uncouthBut I canВ’t help it I just tell the truthHe canВ’t help it, he just tells the truthIВ’m just an old truth tellerBrutally directI see it eye for eyeIВ’m rarely incorrectWhy call me a sharp traderA corporate raiderIВ’m a role model for todayВ’s youthItВ’s so simple, I just tell the truthHe canВ’t help it, he just tells the truthBridge:Why was I born to be right all the timeIn deal after deal after dealFoiling those sharks that are circling my penthouseHoping to make a mealNo good deed goes unpunishedNothing goes as planedMy ingrate family left meI donВ’t understandWhereВ’s your wife? In alaskaAny sons? In nebraskaAnd my daughter milks cows in duluthI canВ’t help it, I just tell the truthOhh he canВ’t help it, he just sells itHe canВ’t help, he just tells itI canВ’t help, I just tell the truth





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