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Keep Gettin‘ It On

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Lets Get It On (Deluxe Edition) Cd1 by Marvin Gaye

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Keep Gettin' It On
								Yeah,wanna talk
Talk about gettin' it on
(keep gettin'it on, keep gettin' it on)
Early in the morning, talk about gettin' it on
(keep gettin' it on, keep gettin' it on)

You wanna have, some good lovin' and plenty good times oh yeah
Don't just talk about it, everybody starts gettin' it on
(keep gettin' it on, keep gettin' it on)

Oooh, would you rather make love children?
As opposed to war, like you know you should?
Don't you love to love somebody, think about it people
Makes you feel sooooo good, yeah come on
Oh don't you want somebody, think about you good now,
Yeah, you got the good decision
Come on

God trynna tell the people to come on and get it on

(Get it on , got to get it on)
(get it on, got to get it on)
Oooh, get it on, get it on, let's get it on

You won't be so lonesome, you'll get it on

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