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love is not enough

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With teeth by Nine Inch Nails

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love is not enough
								The more that we take
The paler we get
I can't remember what it is
We try to forget
The towel on the floor
Soo cold it could sting
In your eyes there's a place
Warm with remembering

For you to go and take this and smash it apart
I've gone all this fucking way
To wind up back at-I'm back at the start

The closer we think we are
Well it only got us soo far
Have you got anything left to show?
No no I didn't think so
The sooner we realize
We cover ourselfs with lies
But underneath we're not soo tough
Love is not enough

Well it hides in the dark
Like the withered vien
We didn't give it a mouth
So it cannot complain
We never really had a chance
We'd never really make it through
I never think'd I'd believed
I believed I could get better with you!


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