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Mambo Rock

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Rock Around The Clock (ASV Living Era) by Bill Haley and His Comets

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Mambo Rock
Hey, mambo (mambo rock)
Hey, mambo (mambo rock)
Hey, mambo (mambo rock)
Everybody's doing it, mambo rock

There's an island
In the Carribean Sea
Where the natives dance
And rock with plea

They mambo dance
In a different way
They do the crazy
Mambo rock all day

[Repeat CHORUS]

Where the waves roll up
On the golden sand
You can grab your chick
Right by the hand

You can clap and stamp your feet
To that crazy rocking mambo beat

[Repeat CHORUS]

Through the red hot day
And the cool, cool night
When the mambo moon
Is shining bright

They love to dance around the clock
To that crazy rocking mambo rock

[Repeat CHORUS 2x]





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