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Mother Says

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Look What I Did The Joe Walsh Anthology Cd1 by Joe Walsh

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Mother Says
								Mother says, "Be careful"

And don't stay out too long

Don't do things you shouldn't

Miss me when I'm gone

Daddy says, "Not now son"

Well just do the best you can

And you'll make out somehow son

Be just like I am, just like I am

You won't need a reason

She don't let you choose

And so, to make the game easy

Mother makes the rules

We all know how the rules are

Changin' from day to day

That's the breaks, and I'm sorry

Some of us must be going

Some of us have to stay

Some of us may be showing

Some just fade away

It's sad to say it's the ending

All the feelin's gone

If you don't mind pretending

You can come along

And mother says she's ready

And if you have the time

She'll help us all to get steady

Make us all feel better, make us all feel fine

Make us all feel better, make us all feel fine





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