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Happy April Fools' Day dear music enthusiast. Our team invites you to our special event on the occasion. We all could use some fun distraction with everything that's going on in the world nowadays. As always our goal is to make this joyful event as memorable and exciting as possible. Claim your bonus and explore new music collection - get the best of the April Fools' Day. But let's start with extra money for your account.

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Of course we could not have left you without some nice music. Today we offer you a fresh and light chart. These albums and songs are truly cheerful and bring in positive energy. Talented artists like Lil Dicky, Wheeler Walker Jr, Afroman and others will help you to relax and have a great time. Jump into this year's April Fools' Day chart and get the best of your discount. Music is one thing that will never get old, so why not adding more of it to your personal collection :)

Special discount chart:

Have a fabulous time!





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