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Memorial Day event – claim your presents!

How’re you doing these days? Hopefully quarantine and self-isolation does not have too heavy of a toll on you. We are here to lighten up your mood. Welcome to the Memorial Day event on the biggest music website online. We know that this holiday has a special meaning for many of our users so we want to make it really cool for you. So get ready for exclusive bonus offers and a wonderful music chart with a big discount! And our first present is one of the most beloved ones – extra funds. If you refill your balance during the event we will grant a hefty bonus on top.

Add funds to your account and receive bonus up to $25!

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You have 30% off! on Memorial Day Chart

Our second present is a great music collection assembled specially for the event. We picked super talented musicians from various genres who perform inspiring and patriotic songs. Deep and meaningful music suits the Memorial Day the best. Of course, with artists like Johnny Cash, Charlie Daniels, Bruce Springsteen you will definitely get the highest quality of sound combined with a rare musical experience. Make the discount work for you - grab amazing songs and albums right away.

Special discount chart:

Stay safe and positive!





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