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Get your Halloween presents during event!

It's Halloween time! We greet you on this fun occasion and invite you to join our own celebration party. Halloween is always super fun and exciting, even in a year like this. We are more than happy to organizing this cool event for you and bring you even more nice music to enjoy. Starting today we also grant you a unique All Saints' Eve gift. A free bonus to any amount you choose to add to your account. That’s right. During the event we present our loyal fans with extra cash on their balance. Check out the options and go for it.

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You now have 30% off on Halloween Chart!

A unique holiday like this deserves a special music collection. To fit the whole mood and energy. We have a chart just like that in here. A bunch of super cool artists and bands from various music genres. Just to name a few - Michael Jackson, White Zombie, AC/DC, etc. And we have already applied a sweet 30% discount on all these songs and albums. You can choose from dozens of famous and iconic hits and it grab them almost for free. Especially if you have claimed our first money gift. Have fun!

Special discount chart:

Happy Halloween!





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