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The time goes on, everything changes around us and Mp3Fiesta changes with the always-spinning world.

We take care about all our members, but some of them have a priority. Why is it so? They are the same guys like you, but not really the same. They bought Silver, Gold or Platinum account and now they use the full range of services that Mp3Fiesta is ready to provide.

The first and the main thing Premium members get is unlimited downloads. They get advanced technical support and the right to order the album that is not in our catalog. When Mp3Fiesta will be updated, our Premium members will have even more goodies than now :)

Mp3Fiesta plans to add more services that all of you will definitely like.

Some of our next updates include online listening and separating audiobooks and soundtracks.

In brief, we will create new monthly subscription system for online listening, establishing new prices for audiobooks and soundtracks. You will be able to listen to music, audiobooks and soundtracks online without downloading them to your computer system. Creating playlists and listening to them through Fiesta player will be available (yeah, there will be Fiesta player). Usual downloads you are used to will be working as well but the prices will be changed.

The news sounds very promising, isn't it?

Who will profit more than others after all these updates will start working? The answer is very simple - our Premium members! They won't have to pay for online listening. It will be for free only for Premium members!

The prices for soundtracks and audiobooks will be changed, but it won't affect our Premium members, as they have unlimited access to our base.

So, refresh your memory
and take a look at our Premium Accounts:

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    6 months of unlimited access to our base - only for $129.94

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    12 months (1 year) membership that allows to download unlimited amount of tracks - $199.94

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  • Platinum Lifetime Unlimited

    Lifetime Membership. Unlimited access during unlimited period. Absolutely unique offer. There are more than 25000 Platinum members and this membership becomes more and more popular as you can forget about the prices forever - $274.94

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