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18 Summers Cocteau Twins Fields Of The Nephilim London After Midnight Sandcastle
3rd and The Mortal Corvus Corax Fire and Ice Lotus Eaters Sanguis Et Cinis
69 Eyes Crowhead Forced Oscillations Louisa John-Krol Saviour Machine
Actus Cure Forever Slave Love Crave Scream Silence
Aenima Current 93 Forseti Love Is Colder Than Death Search
Aglarond Current 93 and Antony and The Johnsons Forthcoming Fire Love Like Blood Secrecy
Alas Current 93 and Nurse With Wound Freiburger Spielleyt Loveliescrushing Shamrain
Albireon D'arcadia Funhouse Lycia Shellyz Raven
Alfonso X el Sabio Daeonia Galadriel Macbeth Shemsu Hor
Alien Sex Fiend Dakrua Garden Of Autumn Machina Coeli Shinjuku Thief
Anabantha Dandelion Wine Garden Of Delight Mainpoint Shiva Space Japan Rec.
Anathema Danse Macabre Garden Of Delight feat. Lutherion Malice Mizer Silke Bischoff
Anchorage Dargaard Gathering Malignant Eternal Sisters Of Mercy
And Also The Trees Dark The Suns German Mystic Sound Sampler Mantus Skydancer
Anders Manga Das Ich Ghosting Masters Of Dark Fire Sleep Slid In
Andi Sex-Gang Dead Alice Giants Causeway Matt Howden and Tony Wakeford Soko Friedhof
Angelzoom Dead Can Dance Gor Matutina Noctem Sol Invictus
Anne Azema Dead Souls Rising GOR Francesco Banchini Mephisto Walz Sons of Neverland
Antimatter Death In June Gothart Midnattsol Sophia
Arcana Der Blutharsch Gothic - Various Artists Mirabilis Sophya
Arcane Art Der Blutharsch - Deutsch Nepal Gothica Mission UK Sopor Aeternus
Arch Nemesis Devil Doll Grabesmond Moon Far Away Sopor Aeternus & The Ensemble Of Shadows
Arise From Thorns Diabolique Haggard Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud Sopor Aeternus and The Ensemble Of Shadows
Artwork Die Form HEIMATAERDE Moonchild Sunshine Blind
Asgaia Die Laughing Hekate Mortiis Switchblade Symphony
Asrai Die Verbannten Kinder Eva's Hiholl My Deception T.3.R.
Ataraxia Die Verbannten Kinder Evas HIM N.A.O.S. Tantric Rnyingma
Atrocity Feat. Das Ich Diecast Holy Kiss narsilion Tearwave
Attrition Diorama Ice Ages Negative Tiamat
Autumn Dismal Euphony Ignis Fatuus Neon Dream Tones On Tail
Autumn Tears Distention Illuminate Non Mortis Tony Wakeford
Autumn's Grey Solace Dominion Imperia Nordvargr / Drakh Tribes Of Neurot
Balaam And The Angel Dominion3 Impressions Of Winter Nostra Morte Tristesse De La Lune (Feat. Erk Aircrag)
Bay Laurel Dracul In Darkness... Nurse With Wound / Current 93 Tunguska
Beauty Of Gemina Dust Of Basement In My Rosary Obsidian Voice Type O Negative
Bel Canto Dvar In The Nursery Of The Wand and The Moon Udumbal
Bella Morte Eisheilig Inkubus Sukkubus Oneiroid Psychosis Ukrainian Gothic
Beseech Elhaz Inner Shrine Ophelia's Dream Umbra Et Imago
Birthday Massacre Elusive Jack Or Jive Ordo Equitum Solis Unholy
Black Heaven Elysion Katatonia Ozymandias and Elijah's Mantle Unto Ashes
Black Ice Emilie Autumn Katatonia and Hades Pale Forest Untoten
Blutengel End Of Green Krypteria Pandemonium Various Artists
Breath Of Life Endraum Kyrie Penitent Virgin Prunes
Caledonian Endura L'ahka Muza Pilori Voltaire
Camerata Mediolanense Engelsstaub L'Ame Immortelle Punto Omega Von Thronstahl
Camerata Mediolanense Feat. Les Joyaux De La Princesse Engelstaub L'orchestre Noir Rain Fell Within Weltenbrand
Canaan Erben Der Schopfung Lacrimosa Raison D'etre Wish
Caprice Eridu Arcane Lahka Muza Rasputina Within Temptation
Cascades Estampie Leaves' Eyes Renaissance Noire Within Temptation and Metropole Orchestra
Century Eternal Afflict Legion Of Hetheria Repentance Without Face
Chamber and L'orchestre De Chambre Noir Evereve Leichenwetter Requiem In White Wolfsheim
Christian Death Fading Colours Libido Mortido Ronan Quays XIII Stoleti
Christian Dorge Faith And Disease Lily's Puff Rosa Crux Xmal Deutschland
Christian Wolz Faith and The Muse Lisa Gerrard Saeko Xymox
Clan Of Xymox Fela Kuti Little Dead Bertha Samhain Zeraphine





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