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Sheila Says

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Don‘t Stop The Carnival by Buffett, Jimmy

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Sheila Says
								It took me a while to get used to the slow smoky style of this number. iris trammВ’s first song. itВ’s now one of my favorites. iris has a dog, a german shepherd named meadows, who is an importantActer in the story. she sings to him about her disillusionment with men, hence the refrain thatВ’s why I live with my dog. the song hints that nevertheless falling for norman papermaCoconut grove iris sang to an amazingly lifelike puppet dog, whitch all but upstaged her, and won the audience affection all though the evening.Shelia says the heart is just a muscleShelia says the heart is cooled by timeHiding out for years down in these trade windsIn the land of coconuts and limesChorus:IВ’ve played this game for too longMy lifeВ’s just one same old songNow marooned for a time on this islandI go into and out of the fogAnd thatВ’s why I live with my dogInstrumental bridgeMen oh, men oh, oh men IВ’ve known to manyDeceivers cloaked in clumsy vanityWhat men lack in love and understandingThey make up in stupidityChorus:But now and then one comes alongAnd lights up my world like a songI am tempted to unleash my interestYet I put it to you manВ’s best friend\ThereВ’s just one sad old way it can endBridge:We have our faultsBut men have only twoAll that they sayAll that they doYouВ’re a joy and a friend and a guardianNever bored with my sad monologueYouВ’re better off with a dogSheila says the heartВ’s just a muscleSheila says the heartВ’s just a muscle





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