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With teeth by Nine Inch Nails

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								Sunspots cast a glare in my eye
Sometimes I forget I'm alive
I feel it coming and I've gotta get out of it's way
I hear it calling and I come 'cause I can't disobey
I should not listen and I shouldn't listen
But I do
Yes I do

She turns me on
She makes me real
I have to apologize
For the way I feel

My life, it seems has taken a turn
Why in the name of god would I ever want to return
Peel off our skin we're gonna burn what we were to the ground
Fuck in the fire and we'll spread the ashes around
I wanna kill away the rest of what's left and I do
Yes I do

And nothing can stop me now
There is nothing to fear
And everything I'd ever want
Is inside a tear

Now I just stare into the sun
And I see everything I've done
I think I could've been someone
But I cannot stop what has begun
When everything is said and done
And there is nowhere left to run
I think I could have been someone
Now I just stare into the sun

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