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The Look of Love

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Love‘s Songs by Diana Krall

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The Look of Love
								Written by cahn/van heusen

I've seen the look - of a baby with a rattle
I've seen the look - of a hero in a battle
I've seen the look - of a heart sick turtle love
But the look that leaves you real shook - is the look of love

I've seen the look - of a jockey on a winner
I've seen the look - of a fat man having dinner
I've seen the look - of those space men up above
But the look that closes the book - is the look of love

It's thunder, it's lightening
The gentlest breeze
It's friendly, it's frightening
And more surprising than an elephant's sneeze

I've seen the look - every single blushing bride has
I've seen the look - that the fellow by her side has
But there's one look - that I'd give my life to see
We are locked in a wondrous embrace - and there on that fabulous face
Is that fabulous look of love - for me
(that's what I want to see)
(that look of love for me)





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