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This Big Hush

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Oil and Gold by Shriekback

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This Big Hush
								Is there a fire in the sky is there a moon up there
Is there anything alive now this darkness is what I hear
This is a breathless silence a moment out of time
I see your face in the shadows the tell tale signs are in your eyes
More than I can hold in my hands running through the cracks like water
Aching with a passion inside as deep as the river

All desire the ashes and the fire
Turning the night inside and the light from you

Is there a flame in the dark is there a bright hard star
These creatures look the same now
We freeze wherever we are
We wake alone in blackness
We sleep wherever we fall
One dream all around us this big hush infects us all
Holding up on animal fear soaking up the waves underwater
Turned to music no one can hear
Forever in this half lit light

[chorus X2





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