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Yes, we have no bananas

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Greatest Hits by Jones, Spike

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Yes, we have no bananas
								I need not search for precious gold;
Of wealth, I have my share.
For with my eyes, I scan the skies
And find my fortune there.
A host of priceless dreams unfold
In songs that bluebirds sing.
The earth, the sea belong to me
Im richer than a king.
To add to things that money cannot buy,
An echo brings this very soft reply:
Yes! We have no bananas!
We have no bananas today!
Weve string beans and onions,
Cabrillas and scallions,
And all kinds of fruit and ****.
We have an old-fashioned tomato;
Long Island potato;
But, yes! We have no bananas!
We have no bananas today!
Yes, we no-nje gotta de bananos.
We no-nje gotta-da banano today, but one-a menoots!
We gotta new kinda garlic
When-a use-a dees garlic,
It-a meka you stand apart-a from-a you friends.
We gotta 64,000 watermelone!
We don't-a sell any, but the guy we buyem from
Mama mia! Does he sell a watermelone!
But-a yes! We no-nje gotta the bananas. Hey, why you-on?
We no-nje gotta de bananos today!
Yes! Ah, we have no bananas!
What's that? An half a banana?
Now what good is a banana split? Uh-huh-huh-huh!
We have a muttons, and buttons,
And kippers with zippers,
And pounds of devaluated pounds
Banana: S T I N K !
They aint no stinkin bananas!
Precisely! They aint no stinking bananas!
Yes! Ah, we have no bananas!
Pip pip, cheerio, and *******! Uh-huh-huh-huh!
Yes, we aint got bananas.
We aint got bananas today.
We got pickles and crocks;
We got bagels and locks;
A bagel that's-a done-a dipped in cement.
We got delicious knishes and kosher champagne
The kosher champagne there's two cents plain;
Pastrami, salami, matzos, and jam.
You should pardon the expression: We even got ham!
But yes, we aint got bananas.
We aint got bananas today.





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